Sri Krishna Academy

This  is  PASAM SARDAR ABHINAND YADAV,  and  my Qualification are  M.Sc., B.Ed. in MATHEMATICS.  I have  twelve  years  of  experience  in  teaching  field .
My  Brother  PASAM SRI KRISHNA DEVARAYA YADAV,   And  has  Qualification  is  M.Sc. (IS).  He  has an  experienced  of  in  software  from  fourteen  years.

My  brother  and  I  established  An   Educational institute  named  “SRI KRISHNA ACADEMY ”  in 2007. Soo  many  number  of  students  are  studied  in  our institution.  We  get  very  good  RESULT  every  year. Sincerely  thanks  with  old  students  and  their PARENTS  as  they  have  been  a  part  of  this institution.  
Nearly  100  student  study  and  go  out  successfully  every  year  from  This  institution.  Social  services activities  are  also  conducted  by  our  institute students.

Our Specialities

        * Special care for every student.
        * Weekend slip tests conducted.
        * Personality development and motivational classes are conducted every week.
        * Encourage students to serve poor people and orphanage children.
        * Concentrate on  Basic concepts in  “Maths and science”  Subjects. 
        * Experienced faculty.
        * We create good study skills and study habits in our  Students.

Our  Faculty
  1. P. Sardar Abhinand yadav M.Sc., B.Ed.
  2. P. Sri Krishna devaraya yadav M.Sc. (IS)
  3. P. Rani Rudramadevi M.Sc., B.Ed.
  4. A. Srinivas B.Ed.
  5. D. Sreenivasa Rao M.Sc.,B.Ed.
  6. D. Vijay kumar M.Sc.
  7. D. Urlaiah, M.A (Eng),B.Ed.
  8. V. Naga Pujitha  MBA
  9. P. Venkateswarao
  10. S. Satyanarayana 
  11. K.Kumar
  12. A. Krishna Teja 
  13. A. Ravi Teja
Our Address

        D.NO. 4-12-22, Naidupet 1st Line, 
        Amaravathi Road, Guntur,
        Andhra Pradesh, 522007.
        CELL  :  9000443466 ,9390666650