Men professionals within “Booger Moving” was indeed described as the fresh new “Booger Guys”

Men professionals within “Booger Moving” was indeed described as the fresh new “Booger Guys”

  • Pakistan – The latest Mamma is a large apelike creature one stays in the hills and possibilities ahead to help you kidnap young girls. He will bring her or him to their cave in which he licks their arms and the bottoms of their ft leading them to permanently struggling to flee.
  • Saudi Arabia – Abu Shalawlaw (??? ?????) is a good Bogeyman-for example creature said of the parents to come quickly to consume youngsters who is actually disobedient, e.grams. because of the perhaps not turning in to bed punctually or perhaps not finishing its research.
  • Hejaz, Saudi Arabia – ???? ?????? ????????? otherwise “Dojairah and you will Umna al Ghola”, for example “Our very own mommy the fresh Beast”, is used to help you scare pupils after they misbehave or go alone external.


You – The latest Bogeyman is titled “Boogerman” or “Boogermonster” in rural regions of new American South (“booger” as the American English exact carbon copy of the british English “bogey”), and you may is actually oftentimes always keep offspring out-of to tackle additional past dark, or wandering regarding on forest. Inside the Corn Event, more youthful Cherokee men dressed in caricature goggles tends to make fun regarding political figures, scare college students with the getting a, and shake its goggles on young women and you will chase him or her to. In a number of Midwestern claims, the fresh new boogeyman damage during the screen. From inside the East Iowa he’s known as Korn Stalker Throughout the Pacific Northwest, he might reveal inside “green fog”. Somewhere else he covers or appears regarding underneath the bed or in the latest closet and tickles students when they see sleep later in the day, whilst in other people he is a taller profile in the a black hooded cloak whom places college students inside the an effective sack. They state you to definitely an excellent wart are sent to individuals from the boogeyman.

  • Soft Skeleton, called Rawhead otherwise Tommy Rawhead, is actually an excellent boogeyman of the American Southern. Rawhead and Bloody Bones are sometimes thought to be several individual animals otherwise two elizabeth beast. A person is a blank head that hits their victims and its partner are a dance headless bones. Bloody Skeleton tales originated from The uk.
  • The fresh Nalusa Falaya (“A lot of time Black colored Are”) are a ghost being away from Choctaw myths known as a high spindly humanoid that can slither including a serpent or end up being a beneficial trace. It might scare children off existence away too late and can bewitch seekers.
  • Cipelahq (otherwise Chebelakw) is actually a risky bird soul off Wabanaki folklore, included in reports to scare youngsters toward obeying its mothers. Chebelakw have an enthusiastic unearthly cry and is similar to a big plunge owl, with only their lead and you will talons obvious. Comparable beasts entitled Stinkini and you may Larger Owl was included in Seminole and you can Apache mythologies, respectively.

South america

  • In many Latin regions, you will find good “Sack boy” just who deal regarding pupils in his sack. A monster far more comparable to the newest Bogeyman is named Bicho Papao (“Dining Monster”) otherwise Sarronco (“Deep-Voiced Boy”). A notable difference in they in addition to homem perform saco is that the second is actually a day threat and you can “Bicho Papao” try a nighttime danger. Another important differences is that “Homem create Saco” (“Sack Man”) usually kidnaps children exactly who visit towns and cities instead of mothers agreement, whatsyourprice if you’re “Bicho Papao” frightens horny college students and you will hides under the beds, storage rooms or roofs.
  • Belize – Tata Duende is an excellent mythical goblin also known as becoming out-of short stature, with a mustache, lines and wrinkles, backwards legs, a giant brimmed hat, and you will without having thumbs. It’s a protector of one’s forests and you can pets and you may are always scare children off heading out to tackle at night otherwise going into the jungle.

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